Sensitive skin and how I cope – La Mer.

Some of you have been asking about my skincare routine. There are a few things I do to protect my skin. Especially given that I live in Central London where there is so much pollution, I think this is so important. Consistency is key. Dry skin ages faster and moisturising is essential. Having suffered from eczema previously, I always ensure that I am well moisturised and my skin properly hydrated from head to toe.

My favourite skincare for sensitive skin (slightly more on the expensive side!). This range is amazing. One of the new products that don’t irritate my skin. You don’t require a lot of it – a small layer will suffice as the cream is quite thick and heavy. But I quite like that – it gives a matte base and finished look after applying my make up.

My travel Skincare: When I’m travelling on short trips, I don’t like to carry the heavy La Mer bottles with me so I tend to take Ren. They come in these cute little travel sizes. The products are a little stronger and you do need to be careful, particularly if you have sensitive skin. But the four below have worked wonders for me. Especially the beauty shot – a great face uplift after a long flight!


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