How I survived my recent flight to New York

I have for many years suffered with a fear of flying. I don’t know what it is but I’ve never been able to relax on a flight, let alone enjoy it. A little bit of turbulence and I’m in a major state of panic and I look around, and nobody else seems bothered in the slightest. I can never enjoy the food or the movies and I’ll sit nervously, clutching tightly onto both the arm rests either side of me. No amount of medication helps either!

So this time, on my flight to New York, I decided to take Neom’s little de-stress kit with me. And it certainly helped to relax me enough to be able to enjoy 3 movies! The products above use a blend of the purest possible essential oils such as lavender, jasmine and Brazilian rosewood which all have a deeply calming effect. The kit includes a Stress Relief Pulse Point bottle, a Nourish, Breathe and Calm Hand Balm and a daily de-stress on the go mist. To find out more and for help and advice on creating calm naturally, log onto

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