Lip care

I tend to do a LOT of posts about my lips. For me personally, it’s one of the most important features of any person’s face. Without even knowing it, sometimes, we can be looking at a person’s lips rather than their eyes whilst they’re talking! And given that I wear lipstick (or lipgloss) almost daily, I think it’s so so important to find the perfect ones that don’t damage your lips. I suffer from extremely sensitive skin so getting the right makeup has always been a hassle for me. If I apply the wrong thing or something that contains too many chemicals, my skin will start to inflame within minutes.

So, I ALWAYS ensure I have removed every bit of lipstick from my lips before I go to sleep. Neal’s Yard do some amazing organic makeup removers. I also try to use non-harsh branded products and vegan brands. I love the Dr Organic range they have in Holland and Barrett for lip care. My favourite is the Royal Jelly Lip Balm. Take good care of your lips!

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