My one simple trick for soft lips

Ladies; be kind to your lips! With all the lipsticks, lip glosses and lip pencils we use on them over a lifetime, we really must look after them well.

The one product for my lip care which I literally could not survive without; the Dr Hauschka lip balm. I use this DAILY and it really helps to keep my lips feeling soft! It’s 100% natural and organic, free from synthetic fragrances, dyes and preservatives as well as mineral oils, silicone and PEG. It’s never been tested on animals! And it’s been dermatologically tested for sensitive skin which is a huge plus for me. A lot of companies claim their products are suitable for sensitive skin and a lot of people with sensitive skin still suffer with those products…

The Dr Hauschka range is truly kind to your skin. If you’re looking for restoration and indulgence, I would highly recommend it. The Lip Balm in particular is intensive soothing care for dry or chapped lips and it moisturises and softens. It also helps to visibly reduce fine lines around the mouth. It contains so many beautiful ingredients too; calendula and St John’s wort extracts encourage repair and renewal of your lips and silk and anthyllis, give your lips a gorgeous velvety feel!

(I would also highly recommend using a lip protection which includes SPF 30. Just as much as your face needs an SPF protection, so do your lips.)

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