Chanel Make Up School

I had such a wonderful evening at the Chanel School of Make Up on the 5th floor of Harrods yesterday. I know surprisingly little about make-up and I was browsing on the internet for beginner’s makeup classes. I especially wanted to learn more about eyeshadow/smokey eyes. I came across the Chanel School, which is fairly new, having opened only earlier this year. Its tucked away in the shoe heaven of the 5th floor.

We had two ladies who ran the class that I chose called “I go out like this” and they helped us to create a from desk to dance floor look in about an hour and a half. They explained things really well and took us through step by step to create an ultra glam look. The class was really informative and at £30 an hour (although it did run over a little), I would highly recommend this. I’m thinking of booking in for some more of their other classes too! The group sizes are also really small (for this particular class, there were only 3 of us), which made it easier to really absorb a lot from the class.

Have you tried a class at Chanel Makeup School? I’d love to know what you thought. Drop me a line –




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