Triyoga Tryout!


I recently tried hot yoga at Triyoga on Kings Road in Chelsea. Beginners are welcome in the class but it is a class of mixed abilities. Prior to that session, I had never done yoga before and I was convinced it wasn’t for me. But after some encouraging conversations with friends, I thought I’d give it a go and see what all the fuss was about. I’m now hooked!

The class teacher runs through a sequence of static postures which are designed to build up on each other and sort of flow into a smooth series of movements. The studio is heated between 36 and 38 degrees.

What I loved about this class was that the entire body was worked, stretched and strengthened. It definitely highlighted to me how much I need to work on balance and flexibility though!

I would highly recommend arriving well-hydrated as well as bringing plenty of water with you. Some of the postures are extremely tricky but I’m glad that I have a clearer idea of how to do them now so I can practise at home before my next class!

Triyoga is a wonderful little hub for yoga and Pilates learners as well as those who would like to indulge in complementary treatments. Across 6 centres, they run 750 classes per week! I’d recommend looking at the beginners courses which will get you into a regular pattern of commitment for 6 weeks – and to facilitate this, they have a number of introductory offers.

Check out and maybe see you at a class, if you’re attending the Kings Road centre! 🙂

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